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Ayurvedic Yoga Kurunta and Abhyanga

Anne Severyns Sukha will receive you on several restful locations in Brussels. Each place, an oasis of calm and relaxation, is dedicated to Ayurveda and its practices. Sukha offers Ayurvedic Yoga Kurunta as well as  Abhyanga Massage. Having studied Ayurvedic therapies in India, Anne Severyns has been practicing the treatments provided by this traditional Indian philosophy since 1999.

Discover the benefits of Ayurvedic Yoga & Massages in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Allow yourself to be carried away by an ocean of wellbeing as you embark on an extraordinary journey for the senses.

Sukha offers you various types of Ayurvedic massages:

  • abhyanga mardana
  • champi abhyanga
  • ayurvedic facial
  • garshan
  • kizhi

Ayurvedic massages act both on the body and the mind. They bring relaxation and harmony to the mind while promoting rejuvenation and a sense of rebalancing to the body.

For the purpose of this same action on body and mind, Anne Severyns offers Yoga Kurunta or yoga of inversions, using the great yoga wall.

Sukha takes you on a voyage of discovery of Ayurvedic Life style through private sessions of Yoga with Abhanga massage or sunday brunches combining practical exercises with culinary pleasures. Anne Severyns initiates you into the Ayurvedic way of life, offering you a total escape of the senses.

If you would like to give the gift of an experience of wellbeing and relaxation to one of your friends or family, why not take advantage of our gift vouchers?

Visit our photo gallery to find out more about our Sukha centre and activities.

For all information about Ayurveda and Yoga, or to make a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Anne Severyns Sukha - Massage Ayurvedic et Yoga


Sukha, your centre dedicated to wellbeing and...

Anne Severyns Sukha - Massage Ayurvedic et Yoga


Yoga is an Indian ancestral practice...

Anne Severyns Sukha - Massage Ayurvedic et Yoga


Sukha, your space in Anderlecht dedicated to wellbeing...


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